Light Sport Certificate Requirements

A light sport certified candidate would be able to take charge of light sports aircrafts. A light sport certificate requirement document is very useful to get new or modified light sport equipment certified. There are many certifications that light sports aircraft can be complied with. Below are mentioned those various light sports certificates and their corresponding requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Light Sport certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates who would like to apply for the light sports certificate requirement need to submit an affidavit form completely filled in by the light aircraft producer
  2. This should be submitted in the light sport aircraft registration office
  3. There should be related documentation to prove that the light sports aircraft has been manufactured by the producer
  4. There is also an application form where details of the light sport aircraft must be filled in
  5. All these documents should be submitted along with the applicable registration fee
  6. This amount should be paid in favour of the Federal Administration of Aviation department.

Light Sport Certificate Course Details:

There are many certificates that can be taken for certifying light sports aircrafts. Some of them are:

  1. 14 CFR 21.191 which certifies experimental light sports aircraft
  2. 14 CFR 21.190 which certifies special light sports aircraft.

Other requirements to obtain a Light Sport certificate:

  1. The light sports aircraft should meet the requirements as designed by the National Authority of Aviation.
  2. The weight of the light sport aircraft should be within the limit in order to obtain the light sport certificate
  3. Candidates should possess a valid driving license and also must have the document that certifies that the candidates have passed all the medical tests.
  4. Candidates should look for the specification in order to certify the light sports aircraft.
  5. Light sports certificate can be obtained not just for airplanes but also for gyroplanes, parachutes, etc.

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