Lifeguard Certificate Requirements

Lifeguard certification requirements are very essential to candidates who would like to opt for a career that is primarily working towards saving lives in contingency situations like fire accidents, drowning, etc. Many of the colleges and universities conduct special training to equip students with lifesaving techniques and award them with the lifeguard certificate if they fulfil the following requirements:

Minimum criteria to be met by all Lifeguard certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates should be trained in a variety of life saving techniques like saving from drowning, saving from fire accidents, saving from unhygienic situations, etc.
  2. Candidates who are applying for the lifeguard certification need to be at least 15 years of age.
  3. Candidates should write the lifeguard certification examination and become a license lifeguard.
  4. Candidates need to prove that their physical condition is very good by undergoing a series of medical tests.

Lifeguard certificate Course Details:

The lifeguard certificate can be obtained for multiple levels. Candidates will be trained on the lifesaving abilities which they need to show during the lifeguard certificate examination. This is a practical examination.

Other requirements to obtain a Lifeguard certificate:

  1. Candidates are expected not to have any nasal or breathing problems
  2. Candidates are also needed to show their skills by pulling, pushing and lifting items both heavy and non-heavy.
  3. Candidates should necessarily know swimming and they should not have any phobia related to water
  4. They should display good physical strength to carry man and material with good presence of mind
  5. Candidates should know how to use basic first aid and have them ready anytime someone is in need of it

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