Landlord Electrical Certificate Requirements

Landlord electrical certificate requirements will have the list of all the electrical installations and fittings done in the home certifying that the work is done with quality and testing. The landlord electrical certificate need to be issued also in cases where in simple or complex electrical repairing is done and work is good enough to be used for power consumption and usage. Below given are detailed descriptions on various aspects of the landlord electrical certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Landlord Electrical certificate applicants:

  1. A landlord electrical certificate or a periodic inspection report is liable to be issued by all landlords to their tenants before handing out their property.
  2. The landlord electrical certificate gives weight age to the electrical work done by the contractor on the landlord’s property.

Landlord Electrical Certificate Details:

The landlord electrical certificate should be issued only if the following conditions are met:

  1. The electrical work is done by competent electrical contractors
  2. The electrical contractor has undertaken major projects that are of importance and where the quality and safety of electrical work as commended.
  3. In most cases it is essential that electrical companies provide insurance for their electrical work and hence reposing faith that any accidental situations will be take care of by the company.
  4. The electrical contractor must have had good experience of working in construction projects and must develop a good profile.

Other requirements to obtain a Landlord Electrical certificate:

  1. There is no legal requirement for the landlord to provide the landlord electrical certificate to their tenants.
  2. If a complex work involving multiple stakeholders and large projects are undertaken, then it is necessary to provide the landlord electrical certificate.
  3. If proper inspection and audit has been conducted, then it is very easy to apply for the landlord electrical certificate.
  4. There should be no safety issues while undertaking the landlord electrical certificate requirements.

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