IPSEC Certificate Requirements

IPSEC certificate requirements are a part of configuring standards on a client server that is connected through the VPN. The following provide the detailed step-by-step procedure to obtain the IPSEC certificate and the minimum requirements that are to be met.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All IPSEC Certificate Servers:

  • The servers and the connectivity network should have the following key infrastructure
  1. Public key infrastructure
  2. User authentication
  3. Digital certificates
  4. Static keys that are pre-shared
  • The network can be public or private and the server should be connected to the internet
  • It would be preferable to have the network server at a private location as it can protect the server against unwanted virus and misuse and only resources inside the company can connect to that server
  • However there is an advantage of having the server as a public one. This helps in easily connecting to any legacy server and can be open for anyone to user

Other Requirements To Obtain The IPSEC Certificate Servers:

  • The server should be available as it is very important for the entire IPSEC setup architecture
  • The default cryptographic revocation requirement is 512 bytes and recommended size is 1024 or higher
  • There needs to be a time gap between the CRN and VPN router connection with the supported lifetime range being in the range 1 to 336 hours.
  • There is also a need to have K9 image to do 3DES. For long keys, the image features can be of varying lengths.

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