Investment Management Certificate Requirements

An investment management certificate can be obtained after completing a course in this field along with all the other requirements like internship programs.

The certificate is a professional one and can be opted for only after the individual has reached a certain position within his work sphere.

This is dependent on the individual institutions offering courses in the field, but generally the certificate in investment management is considered to be a midcareer certificate.

How to Obtain an Investment Management Certificate?

  • This is a professional certificate and the first requisite of an individual is that he be at least a graduate. An individual therefore needs to have a minimum graduation degree before such a person can proceed with the investment management certificate course.
  • In case the graduation degree is in a field unrelated to management, the individual has to be promoted to a position that deals with management work before he can proceed with the course on investment management certificate course. Usually such individuals are working as professionals and therefore, a promotion has to be obtained before the course can be taken up in earnest.
  • Since these are professional courses, the individual has to meet with certain prerequisites before he or she can be deemed eligible for the investment management certificate course. In case the professional is working, he has to show a minimum of 7500 hours of work experience before he can be considered eligible for the investment management certificate course.
  • The formal requisites for the programs are dependent on individual colleges and technical institutions. Once the investment management certificate is obtained, care should be directed towards maintaining it. In other words, the document is valid for a period of three years and within these three years the individual has to complete certain projects like 60 investment management development units. These have to be completed within the stipulated time in order for the document to remain valid for the period of three years. After this period it has to be renewed again in the same process as mentioned above.
  • The investment management certificate can only be obtained after the candidate has passed the examination at the end of the course, and has completed one major and one small investment internship project within the duration of the course. This is mandatory and non-negotiable in most institutions which offer professional certificate courses in the field of investment management.

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