Interstate Health Certificate Requirements

Minimum criteria to be met by all Interstate health applicants:

  • Need to get accreditation in order to be eligible to sign in a veterinary health certificate¬† or any other related certificates
  • The state requirements which vary often need to be kept in mind before applying
  • Veterinarians should apply for certification from USDA

Other requirements:

  1. Applicants need to apply for the US Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals
  2. This is available online from the website of Department of Agriculture in US
  3. Must accompany the animal with the inspection certificate conducted on it. Ill, harmful, infected animals are not acceptable according to the state requirements
  4. The tests for vaccination need to be obtained from government or private laboratories belonging to the state of central government
  5. All the animals that are being brought in must comply with all the state and federal requirements and adhere to all the related regulations
  6. The vaccinations and test certificates must be renewed periodically as there is a related expiration date on the same. The expiry date on the certificate will be evaluated as a separate case.

Specific requirements for animals:

  1. Dogs and Cats: These animals need to get the test certificates from licensed doctors and must be declared free of any infectious disease or illness
  2. Marine Creatures: The attending doctor can sign the vaccination certificate. The health of the animal should be declared good to travel.
  3. Primates: The stamped vaccination certificate should be signed by a licensed doctor and must be sent to the main head office for approval.

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