Instrument Pilot Certificate Requirements

An instrument pilot certificate will help aspiring pilots to strengthen their candidature by not limiting themselves to the private pilot license or certification. The advantage or the instrument pilot certificate over the private pilot certificate is that candidates with the former can also take charge of the aircraft when it is a cloudy weather or there are uncertain weather conditions. Below given are the instrument pilot certificate requirements that candidates aspiring to obtain the same should follow.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Instrument Pilot certificate applicants:

  1. If candidates would want to get the instrument pilot certificate, they should show an interest in the aviation sector.
  2. They should take the relevant airline and aviation courses that will teach them flying and take charge of the aircraft by specialising in the tools and equipment used in the aircraft.
  3. By getting in-depth insights into the instruments through courses in aviation, candidates would be able to handle contingency situations through controlling those instruments without needed excessive ground help.

Instrument Pilot Certificate Course Details:                                 

Candidates who would like to get into the instrument pilot certificate courses have certain prerequisites to meet. They should have a prior valid private pilot license. They also need to complete 5 hours of flying time every month during the possession of private pilot license.

Other requirements to obtain an Instrument Pilot certificate:

  1. Candidates are also required to have the FAA medical certificate in at least the third grade.
  2. It is also mandatory that candidates should have taken flying in aircraft for a minimum of 50 hours as a pilot.
  3. The place of landing at least one of those airlines should be at least 25 nautical miles from the take-off point.
  4. Candidates who possess the instrument pilot certificate will be able to control the aircraft if they have expertise and experience of handling the complex aircraft equipment properly.

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