Importance of birth certificates

Birth certificates are those certificates that authenticate the date and place of birth of a person. A birth certificate is one of the main prerequisites in many applications that require identification proofs. Having a birth certificate is very important and should be possessed by the individual throughout his life.

It is very difficult to preserve the birth certificate as getting a new birth certificate is a complex process. Most of the countries have made it mandatory to have the birth certificate. The following list provides an in-depth view about the importance of a birth certificate.

Advantages of possessing a birth certificate:

The following are the points that emphasize why candidates should possess a birth certificate:

a)      Birth certificates are the key source of information for data such as the date of birth of the person, the names and identities of the parents of a person, location of birth including village, town, or city, country, etc.

b)      The birth certificate also contains details on whether the child was born through caesarian operation or a normal delivery.

c)      The birth certificate also establishes the gender of a just born. It also is essential to know the nationality and ethnicity of the candidate.

d)     The birth certificate can be used as a powerful legal document when getting admission in school, college or university or when pursuing a national or international travel.

e)      The birth certificate is an important document that is checked at most events. One of the important occasions when a birth certificate plays a crucial role is when the candidate applies to obtain a passport.

f)       In the US, a birth certificate is needed to obtain the Social Security certificate that is an important document to be possessed by all the citizens of America.

g)      Birth certificates are extremely useful to fight litigations and to establish parenthood or childhood.

h)      Candidates should take extreme caution to preserve the birth certificate.

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