Imc Certificate Requirements

The IMC (Investment Management Certificate) is required for candidates doing specialised training and education in investment and portfolio management. Also candidates who are writing examinations in chartered accountancy should also preferably get the IMC certificate. Employers also prefer candidates who have done their Investment management certificate courses. The following are the requirements to be met by candidates who would like to obtain the IMC certification.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All IMC Certificate Applicants:

  • Candidates should obtain the IMC certificate from the Chartered Financial Analyst institute
  • Candidates should have a good background education on Financial markets
  • Candidates should also be good at economics, mathematics, statistics
  • Candidates should at least complete their graduation from a recognised institution in economics, finance, accounting, business management, etc.

Other Requirements To Obtain The IMC Certificate:

  • Candidates should have proven interest in financial studies and would want to pursue the education and career in any banking and financial institution.
  • Candidates can make use of the coaching centres that teach courses in financial markets with specialised training in IMC
  • Candidates should pass the IMC entrance examination with good grades
  • Candidates should know some of the useful concepts in financial management like calculating the net present value and internal rate of return, financial valuation, equity-debt analysis, analysing financial ratios, preparing financial statements like balance sheets, profit and loss statement, projecting cash flows, etc.
  • Candidates should also display excellent skills in mathematics and statistics in topics like calculating standard deviation and variance, solving complex equations, etc.

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