Health Certificate Requirements

A health certificate is a certificate which is issued to those persons who have cleared certain health requirements or medical examination and are given a certain passing score or level which makes him/her to apply for participation in some sport, event or some other field of work which requires one to be healthy. The requirements which are required to obtain a health certificate are termed as health certificate requirement. A health certificate is an important certificate to have for those who have to prove the fact that they are medically fit and healthy at a certain work place, event or to participate in a sporting competition. These certificates are also required to obtain visas to certain countries.

Given below are the requirements which one needs to fulfil in order to obtain a health certificate from a medical institute or health centre.

  • One must be unlikely to be a danger for the health of the public.
  • He/she must have cleared the standard eye test for eyesight as per the norms of the event for which the health certificate is required.
  • He/she must have cleared the standard ear, throat and nose examinations and must have a satisfactory working or condition of these parts as per the rules of the country to which visa is sought.
  • A person can obtain a health certificate if he/she is not into substance dependence or abused and are tested negative for the same.
  • A person can obtain a health certificate if he/she has normal heart beat rate and blood pressure readings.

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