Ground Instructor Certificate Requirements

Candidates who would like to work as ground instructor professionals in the airline sector must make sure to complete the ground instructor certificate requirements. There are various levels of ratings that are mandated by the get the ground instructor certificate. These levels are explained below in detail along with all the other requirements and prerequisites in order to obtain the ground instructor certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Ground Instructor certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates who are applying for the ground instructor certificate should appear for the FAA examination and pass this with good marks.
  2. Also there are other examinations like BGI, IGI and AGI that are also needed alternately in order to prove their skills and knowledge in the ground instructor professional.
  3. The results of both these examinations are to be discussed with the hand inspector and if completed to the satisfaction of the hand instructor, would be given the ground instructor certificate.

Ground Instructor Certificate Course Details:

There are three level of ground instructor certificate requirements – Basic level, advanced level and instrument level. They are explained below in details:

  1. Basic Level:  The basic level ground instructor certificate requires that the candidate can teach about aeronautical subjects to aspiring sports pilots.
  2. Advanced Level: The advanced level ground instructor certificate gives credible evidence that the candidate can teach all pilot certificate courses to aspiring pilots.
  3. Instrument Level: The instrument level ground instructor certificate lets the candidate to teach ground training level courses and flight instructor courses.

Other requirements to obtain a Ground Instructor certificate:

  1. Candidates who would like to obtain the ground instructor certificate should have command in most of the aeronautical subjects
  2. They should also get a good ground of knowledge through work experience under skilled professionals working as expert ground instructors
  3. Should prepare and pass the pre-solo written exam successfully.

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