Gatech Management Certificate Requirements

A Gatech management certificate is needed to present a student with a greater chance of being employed by a firm that will truly explore his or her potential.

The Gatech management certificate is usually offered only to students who have already pursued an undergraduate degree or are soon to be awarded one. There are many rules and regulations which one has to complete in order to be granted the certificate and some of them are mentioned below.

The norms might be complex, but they are also flexible enough to accommodate individual student’s preferences.

Some Steps in Obtaining a Gatech Certificate:

  • A Gatech management certificate is only available to students who study in Georgia Tech University and are degree seekers. It is an optional certificate for Management majors and Business Administration majors, but it is a valuable degree which it is better to obtain.
  • In order to be eligible for the certificate the student has to complete the required coursework and ensure that he has enough credits to boot. Skills in the relevant management areas are important and the whole point of the Gatech management certificate is to increase the employability of the students in question.
  • The student has to put in a minimum of 12 credit hours per certificate course. This however depends on the professors’ requirements, and can vary from year to year.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree is also a prerequisite of this certificate. One can only obtain the Gatech management certificate if one has completed one’s undergraduate degree in a field mentioned. The certificate is not awarded on an institute level but its
  • In order to be granted a Gatech management certificate, one has to submit an abstract or a proposal for a management project that will take into account all the skills and theory that he has learnt as part of the coursework. This is a compulsory criterion which the student has to fulfill before he is granted the Gatech certificate of management.
  • A 12 semester course is usually required for a certificate. Of these 12 semesters at least 9 must be of the upper level or division of coursework. There are many variants as far as this is concerned and the student who wishes to be granted a Gatech management certificate needs to get in touch with his department at the earliest for further clarification on the number of semesters and the kind of coursework he needs to get his certificate.

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