Gas Safety Certificate Requirements

Gas safety certificates can be used for several purposes like landlord safety requirements, gas safety requirements, etc where the result of not taking enough precaution and care can lead to tremendous disruptions or damages. The tenants who are going to stay in the rented house should be provided with all the appliances after complying with gas safety certificate requirements. It becomes easier for the owner to sell or rent out a house that is certified to be safe. The following are the requirements to obtain a gas safety certification are given below:

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All Gas Safety Certification Applicants:

  • The gas safety certification can be obtained from CORGI or CAPITA
  • The gas safety certificate should be issued by a gas engineer who is registered with gas safety department
  • The gas safety certification should be submitted for renewal on an yearly basis

Other Requirements:

  • The appliances in the home should have good pipe work fitted to avoid leakage
  • The gas burner that is fitted must be well manufactured with regulated pressure
  • The rooms should have good ventilation in case of exigencies
  • The home appliances should have the latest good quality nozzle fitted to check the flow of gas properly
  • The home appliances should be eligible to be handled by the customer with ease and safety
  • The boiler stability and positioning are some of the other important factors to get the gas safety certification
  • Both the owner and the renter need to produce documents that the home appliances are of safer nature and are working well

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