Free Sale Certificate Requirements

This is a certificate which is issued by a country [in this case, the United States] and required by the trading departments of other countries on the importing of products.

A product which has a free sale certificate can be taken in within the country on the assurance that it is available for trade and circulation in the free market without any restriction. The free sale certificate can be obtained following an easy procedure and most of the work is completed online.

A company or manufacturer can ask for the same certificate to verify the status of more than one product and the process remains the same in that case. Once the document is obtained it has to be renewed after a certain period of time.

How to Obtain a Free Sale Certificate Requirement?

First Phase:

  • The first thing that you need to do in order to receive a free sale certificate is to submit as written declaration the fact that your products are manufactured in the United States. This must be asked of the manufacturing company, or yourself, if you are the manufacturer of the product for which a free sale certificate is to be obtained.
  • You can obtain the free sale certificate for more than one product. For each product that you want as part of the list, you have to submit photocopies of invoices that will show its sale to a US customer. The name of the product should be the same as you want on the certificate and these invoices must be dated within 12 months of applying for the free sale certificate.

Second Phase:

  • Once the online application form has been filled up, you have to mail copies of all the documents required.
  • You must look at the specific rules and regulations of the state which will issue the free sale certificate. You have to often be a member of the respective guilds of companies. Non member companies can also be issued certificates but they will have to pay an additional charge for the same.
  • After payment has been done and all the concerned documents submitted, the certificate takes about a week to be processed. After the end of the stipulated period, the free sale certificate is ready to be used. Care should be taken to check and verify all the information mentioned on the free sale certificate. By doing so, you will prevent chances for error or botched certificates.

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