Flight Instructor Certificate Requirements

Flight instructor certificate requirements are very much applicable for those candidates who would like to establish a career in flight instruction. Employers would expect candidates applying for the flight instructor should have the flight instructor certificate or a ground instructor certificate. They should also preferably have an experience of working under skilled professionals in the entry level jobs in flight instructor certificate. Below given are some of the flight instructor certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Flight Instructor certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates who are applying for the flight instructor certificate should be of minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Should be fluent in English language
  3. Should pass all the medical fitness and mental soundness tests to be able to carry out the respective functions as a flight instructor
  4. Candidates who would like to obtain the flight instructor certificate should at least have a commercial pilot certificate.
  5. The candidates should also be certified as a person who has the ability to perform tasks with proper rating
  6. The candidate is also expected to appear for a written test that tests the candidate on basic knowledge and flight training and operations.

Flight Instructor Certificate Course Details:

The courses that are relevant to obtain a flight instructor certificate would require the students to complete certain mandatory hours of flight training and credit courses. These courses would lend important to the students’ candidature and would help him or her to establish successfully in the position of a flight instructor certificate.

Other requirements to obtain aFlight Instructor certificate:

  1. In certain states, it is mandatory that candidates should also have work experience as a teacher in any recognised educational institution.
  2. There is also a test conducted called as a Knowledge test that is comprised of questions from aeronautics, flight experience, flying challenges and flight instruments.

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