Fire Safety Certificate Requirements

Fire safety certificate requirements are very helpful for candidates who want to comply with all rules that guide the fire safety regulations applicable for candidates who would like to become fire safety officers. Various fire safety design models, new building safety, proposed fire safety requirements are taught to candidates and whoever is able to display the desired skills would be issued the fire safety certificate. Fire safety certificate might also be issued by the fire department officials to the newly constructed sites. Below given are some of the requirements in order to obtain the fire safety certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Fire Safety certificate applicants:

  1. Fire safety certificate is necessary for all candidates working in this field.
  2. For buildings and other types of construction sites, any new or upgraded design and new construction would need to meet the fire safety certificate requirements.
  3. Any building with greater than twenty five square meters would need to comply with the fire safety certificate requirements.
  4. Agricultural buildings are exempted from complying with all the fire safety certificate requirements.
  5. No work can be started or no building can be operational before getting the fire safety certificate.

Fire safety Certificate Course Details:

Before the actual construction at the site begins, fire safety certificate is needed to be applied for. Although other site construction related works can be carried out including location clearance and replacement

Other requirements to obtain a Fire Safety certificate:

  1. Any fire safety certificate should be under the instruction of the fire safety department. The officials in the fire safety department like a consultant or an engineer can give a go-ahead to the construction site after carrying out a thorough analysis of the site.
  2. All the fire department officials will carry out their inspection with sound expertise in fire safety design and safety.
  3. The fire safety application should be completely filled in otherwise it would be rejected.

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