FAA Medical Certificate Requirements

FAA or federal Aviation Administration is the national aviation authority of the country, USA. It is an agency which belongs to the United States department of transportation and is responsible for regulating all aspects of civil aviation in the United Stated of America. A FAA medical certificate is a certificate which gives a right of flying to a person based on his overall medical condition or state. If a person cannot fulfil certain FAA medical requirements, he/she cannot be considered fit to fly an aircraft as per the US norms. These requirements ensure the fact that all maximum effort is made to take care of the safety regulations related to flying an aircraft and no one who is medically unfit is given the certificate to fly.

The following are the FAA medical requirements which are to be qualified for a person to get a FAA medical certificate.

  • DISTANT VISION-20/20 (or better) with or without correction for each of the eyes.
  • NEAR VISION and INTERMEDIATE VISION-20/40(or better) with or without correction for each of the eyes as measured at 16 inches.
  • HEARING-hearing of an average conversation or voice in a quiet room from a distance of 6 feet.
  • PULSE-Used to find out about the cardiac system’s status and overall responsiveness.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE-maximum is 155/95.
  • EAR, NOSE, THROAT-No ear disease or any kind of infection and same for the nose and throat.
  • MENTAL-No diagnosis of any kind of mental condition or personality related disorders.
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE/DEPENDENCE-No evidence of any clinically proven substance dependence.

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