FAA Flight Engineer Certificate Requirements

An FAA Flight Engineer Certificate is used by candidates who would like to gain engineering technological knowledge used in flight operations. Below given are the requirements in order to obtain a FAA Flight Engineer Certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all FAA Flight Engineer Certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates should at least have 19 years at the time of application for FAA Flight Engineer Certificate and should be of minimum 21 years while obtaining the certificate
  2. Candidates should hold a valid medical certificate
  3. Candidates should be conversant in English language
  4. Candidates should pass the FAA Flight Engineer Certificate examination with more than 75% marks

FAA Flight Engineer Certificate Course Details:

The FAA Flight Engineer Certificate course is followed by a FAA Flight Engineer Certificate examination. The details of the test are as follows:

Number of questions: 80

Type of questions: Multiple choice question type

The FAA Flight Engineer Certificate covers the following topics:

FAA Engineering Techniques

Centre of Gravity controlling mechanism

Airplane equipment handling

Loading and unloading cargo

Contingency situation controlling mechanisms

Further credentials to obtain FAA Flight Engineer Certificate:

  1. Candidates need to undertake medical fitness and medical examinations regularly which are mostly taken by FAA medical practitioners
  2. Candidates need to renew their medical certificate that does not stand valid after one year of issuance
  3. Candidates should have some flight experience which must be over and above the state requirements
  4. Candidates must preferably have a commercial pilot certificate
  5. Candidates should also have at least 5 years of flight experience training

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