Ev Certificate Requirements

EV, which is expanded as extended validation, is a certificate that is used for authentication by an authority. The EV certificate is issued by the certifying authority after careful verification and analysis. There are various policies to be followed before issuing the EV certificate which are guided by the Guidelines for Extended Validation Certificates. There are various panellists from different walks of life who consider issuing the EV certificate. The following are the details regarding the EV certificate requirements.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All EV Certificate Applicants:

  • The EV certificate should be issued by only those certifying authorities that pass the audit test conducted by the WebTrust
  • EV certificate helps to gain consumer trust and confidence and achieve highest standards
  • Candidates need to complete the True Business ID with extended validation to get the GeoTrust Order ID
  • The approver of the firm must fill in and send the complete application for Acknowledgement of Agreement Form
  • This will be followed by strict verification and on meeting all the required criteria, they will be issued the EV certificate

Other requirements:

  • The organization that is applying for the EV certificate should be approved by the authorised registration agency.
  • The license and approval must be available and verifiable from the registering agency.
  • The details such as firm’s registration ID, date of registration, address and contact details must be complied and verified from the registration agency.
  • The operational existence of the firm should be confirmed by GeoTrust is the firm has been incorporated for less than 3 years.

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