ESL Certificate Requirements

ESL certificate requirements are applicable for students who want to establish their career in English training and teach to students who have taken English as a second language in schools and universities. Candidates who are desirous of working as an ESL certificate would be able to get good work exposure and cross cultural training. Most of the ESL certified teachers would help migrants to cope up with the local language. Below given are the requirements in order to obtain ESL certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all ESL certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates should at least possess graduation in English language from any of the recognised universities from anywhere across the globe.
  2. Candidates need to possess work visa to work in another country as a second language teacher in English
  3. The ESL certificate requirements certify candidates that they know the language well beyond just being able to read and write English.

Other requirements to obtain an ESL certificate:

  1. It would be preferable if candidates can read up a lot on English literature and community culture in the host country.
  2. Candidates should also possess certificate that they are licensed to become teachers in the designated positions and for specific levels.

Further credentials to obtain ESL Certificate:

  1. Candidates can possess ESL certificate by registering online for the ESL certificate requirements examination.
  2. Certification can also be obtained by enrolling in any community college or vocational institute and completing their basic graduation.
  3. Candidates must possess enough number of credit points in all mandatory coursework if they have completed BA, MA or other equivalent courses.

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