Environmental Compliance Certificate Requirements

An environment compliance certificate requirement is required by candidates who would like to work for environmental safety and protection organizations. Candidates can get to work for mining and engineering projects, agricultural projects and real estate. The environment compliance certificate requirement is given by the Environmental Management Board to projects that meet the minimum certification requirements as given below:

Minimum criteria to be met by all environment compliance certificate requirement projects:

  • The project manager or environmental engineer should approach the Environmental department of the state by sending a letter of request to issue an environment compliance certificate for the project
  • The letter must be accompanied with the project details, the materials that will be used as input, the output generated components, and machinery and technology to be employed at the work site
  • The letter should also contain the projected capacity of the project in terms of employee strength, output volume to be generated, and by products that will be released onto the environment (if any)
  • The proposal must contain an estimated budget in order to complete the project
  • There should also be a clear cut design of the work location
  • The full time employees, part time employees, contractors and subcontractors to be recruited must also form a part of the proposal.
  • If the board needs, the project environmental compliance managers should be present at the board to discuss about the environment compliance certification
  • The project managers must accept if the board does not clear the proposed projects for lack of enough information or non-compliance with environmental norms.

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