Engineering Certificate Requirements

Engineering is the science of applying the knowledge of scientific methods and mathematical methods to find the solutions to the technical problems faced by an individual, a firm or a representative society as a whole. The individual who uses the medium of engineering to solve these technical issues is called an engineer. Any individual becomes an engineer only after he/ she has acquired an engineering certificate. The engineering certificate gives the holder the authority to start providing professional service to all those in need.

The certificate is issued to an individual only after he/ she meets a certain number of requirements which make him/ her capable of handling the responsibilities associated with being an engineer. These requirements may differ across jurisdictions but most of them are fairly universal. The requirements are listed as follows:

  • The individual must complete a series of engineering examinations, written and practical, which are set as per the curriculum of the respective institute. The individual must clear the exams with the set minimum marks.
  • The individual must obtain a graduate degree from any institute which is accredited by the national authorities to impart the training in the science of engineer and imparting the knowledge to the individuals enrolled with them.
  • The individual must undergo a mandatory training time. He or she must accumulate certain amount of experience in his/ her stream of engineering, before he/ she completes their graduation degree.
  • Some jurisdictions also require the individual to pass a professional service exam set up to test the knowledge of the individual after they have completed graduation as an engineer.

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