Employment Certificate Requirements

An employment certificate is a certificate which is issued to a person who is eligible to be employed for work. This certificate ensures the fact that an individual is qualified enough to be employed and paid for the work he/she does or gets to do for the employer. Employment certificate is a very general term and might mean different kinds of certifications for different fields of work. For example, one can get an engineer certificate if he/she is a qualified Engineer and satisfies other requirements for him/her to be suitable to work for a particular company. Similarly, different fields of work require different set of requirements or qualifications for a person to get an employment certificate.

Given below are a few general requirements which a person needs to fulfil in order to get an employment certificate:

  • He/she must be or should be on or above a certain age mark to be employed. For example, in certain countries, a person cannot be given an employment certificate if he/she is below the age of 16.
  • He/she must have completed high school education with a certificate of passing from a recognised school to be able to get an employment certificate.
  • Many work fields require their employees to be graduates from recognised colleges or institutes and thus to obtain an employment certificate, a person must have a Bachelor’s degree in a suitable subject.
  • Apart from education or academics, people need to satisfy certain other requirements such as needed talent, knowledge, skills etc to be able to get an employment certificate.

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