Elevation Certificate Requirements

An elevation certificate is a certificate which is obtained on the basis of the difference between the elevation of a person’s house and that of the base flood elevation of the area. These certificates are issued by National flood programs of the countries and are effective tools to know the flood risk level of an area or state on an average. A certificate is important because based on it; one gets a flood insurance cover. Elevation certificate guarantees the fact that there is a proper difference in the heights of the house and the area base level. To obtain this certificate, one needs to satisfy certain conditions or requirements.

The following are the few requirements which a person needs to fulfil to obtain an elevation certificate. Te requirements might vary from area to area.

  • One needs an engineer or surveyor to draft the documents which are a proof to the fact that the elevation of the house is proper and in accordance with the norms of that area.
  • The basic requirement to get an elevation certificate is to have the required difference in the elevation of the house and that of the base flood elevation of that area. If a person satisfies these criteria during the construction of the house, then he/she is applicable to get the elevation certificate.
  • These certificates are obtained by having a stamp or signature of the land surveyor of that area or the architect who was responsible for the building or construction of the house.

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