Electrician Certification Requirements

Minimum criteria to be met by all electrician certification applicants:

  • Need to complete the Electrician License and Certification examination
  • Need to submit a worker’s compensation document from any insurance company which enables the candidate to work as an electrician in the state
  • The insurance policy need to also show the coverage for personally injury or property damage
  • The candidate need to apply in states for which the candidates have got the permission to serve as an electrician
  • Need to attend 32 hours of continuous education in electrician and 2000 hours of work in electrician position to keep up the certification valid
  • Need at least an apprenticeship degree or a related number of years of job experience that vary depending on different state requirements
  • Need to gain recertification every 3 years
  • Candidates without apprenticeship or job experience should at least get registered with the respective state for working as an “electrical trainee”

Electrician License and Certification examination details:

Mode: Computerized

Type of questions: Questions with multiple choices

Topics covered: Theory, GK and questions from the National Electrical Code

Knowledge in electrical trade

Craftsmanship in electrical wiring

Other requirements:

  1. Need to display skills in health safety and precautions for public
  2. Licenses are to be renewed periodically by every renewal due date. Inability to renew will cause the employer to terminate the services of the electrician
  3. Electricians who want to do Class-10 electric work needs the license and certification. Candidates without a license would not be permitted to perform regulated electrical work

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