Electrical Compliance Certificate Requirements

After completion of any electrical work, electricians are liable to perform the electrical compliance certificate to the home owners or builders. The electrical compliance certificate requirements provide the details on when and how to apply for the electrical compliance certificate. The phase in which the application for electrical compliance certificate is done is mostly after completing the electrical work and before handing over the work for power connectivity. Below given are more details regarding the electrical compliance certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all electrical compliance certificate applicants:

  • All electrical works that include new equipment installation, up gradation, and remanufacturing or redesigning of electrical work need to issue the electrical compliance certificate.
  • The electrical compliance certificate issued can be used as a legal weapon in case of discrepancies or erroneous installations.
  • The electrical compliance certificate is very useful to give customers the confidence that all the electrical work is conducted with proper care and caution and all the electrical connections are safe to be used.

Electrical Compliance Certificate details:

The electrical compliance certificate is also used for auditing purposes wherein the scope and quality of the electrical work can be put forth for inspection and validation.

Other requirements in order to obtain an electrical compliance certificate:

In order to issue the electrical compliance certificate, electricians must provide their clients with the following information:

  1. The blueprint of the electrical design
  2. Provide all link documents on the work undertaken including dealer and distributor copies

The electrical compliance certificate copy that is provided will have a validity of 5 years from the date of issuance of the copy.

Fine can be imposed on those electrical who fail to or refuse to provide the electrical compliance certificate. Legal notice is issued which is followed by penalty. The license of the electrician can also be taken up in most cases of refusal to issue electrical compliance certificate.

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