ECFMG Certificate Requirements

ECFMG stands for Educational commission for foreign medical graduates. There is a certification which has to be obtained in order to be eligible of ECFMG. This certificate can be obtained if a student satisfies certain basic requirements and qualifications. International medical graduates need to meet some requirements without which ECFMG certification cannot be earned or issued. After meeting all the required necessities, a student has to submit an application for ECGMG certification before they can apply for the ECFMG examination. The examination consists of all those questions that ask the student or applicant to confirm his/her identity, contact information and other such information and details.

The following are the requirements which one needs to fulfil so as to get an ECGMG certificate:

  • In order to get the certificate the candidate needs to meet the examination requirements of medical science.
  • The candidate also needs to meet up with the clinical skills requirement.
  • Another main requirement to be met is the educational credential requirement. In this category, the student’s medical school as well as the graduation year must be a part of the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION DIRECTORY. He/she must also have been awarded a credit for atleast 4 years by a medical school which also must be listed in IMED.
  • One needs to satisfy the examination requirements as well which include passing STEP 1 and STEP 2 of the USMLE. The exam at the STEP 2 level has two separate components which are the clinical knowledge component and the clinical skills component.

Any student who meets these requirements can apply for and get the ECFMG certificate.

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