Different types of Pilot certificates

According to the position applied for in the aviation sector for a pilot level grade, there are various types of pilot certificates such as student pilot certification, instrument pilot certificate, airline transport pilot certificate, recreation pilot certificate, private pilot certificate, pilot medical certificate, etc. The following are in-depth details on each of the different types of pilot certificates.

Different types of Pilot certificates and their significance:

The below points discuss briefly on the different pilot certificates available and their requirements and relevance. Students who would like to pursue a career as a pilot should read them and decide which of them suits them the best.

a)      If students are entering into the field of aviation as a pilot and would like to fly airplanes under no supervisor, then student pilot certificate is applicable to them.

b)      A private pilot certificate is required when candidates would want to fly private aircrafts. But candidates are limited in their flying activity. If candidates would want to flying in uncertain whether conditions, candidates would need an instrument pilot certificate.

c)      Candidates would also need to have continuous flying experience in order to obtain an instrument pilot certificate.

d)     Candidates who want to fly aircrafts that needs a high level knowledge and experience of flying should try to obtain an airline transport pilot certificate. ATPL Practical Test is necessary to be passed in order to obtain an airline transport pilot certificate.

e)      Candidates who would want to fly single engine planes would find the recreation pilot certificate applicable for pursuing a sound career as a pilot.

f)       In any pilot certificate, candidates would need to get a medical examination done by the registered medical examiner certifying their health and fitness.

g)      All pilot certificates are issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

h)      All the pilot certifications are to be obtained only after completing their pilot training full time programs.

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