Death Certificate Requirements

A death certificate is an official and formal document which is issued to the family of those persons who have died. These certificates can be obtained from a physical or any other medical practitioner on the basis of certain requirements which the family of the deceased need to fulfil.  These certificates may also be issued by the government authorities of the respective country of the deceased. A death certificate basically acts as a proof to the fact that the person has died so that various proceedings can take place such as life insurance formalities and settling of bank accounts etc.  The death certificate consists of the basic details of the deceased along with the details of the reason for death and the date of death.

Given below are few requirements which a person needs to fulfil in order to demand a death certificate for a relative or friend.

  • The following details are required for one to be issued a death certificate-full name of the deceased, date of birth, place of birth, last occupation, National Health Service number, reason of death and location of death.
  • Often an identification card or number is required for the identification of the deceased.
  • Death certificates are only issued to those people who get a certificate from a hospital in case of natural death or a death due to a disease. This happens so as to avoid any legal hassles or police cases in case of murders, unnatural deaths etc.

Death certificates are important because they help one to get rid of any legal hassles such as property inheritance issues etc.

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