CPA Certificate Requirements

CPA certificate requirements are applicable for candidates who want to strengthen their career in the field of chartered accountancy by enrolling into related courses and obtaining the CPA certificate. Below given are detailed requirements in order to gain CPA certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all CPA certificate applicants:

  1. To obtain the CPA certificate, candidates must pass the state CPA certificate examination
  2. There is also a requirement of completing the test that shows that the candidates follows all professional code of conduct and delivers all the responsibilities assigned to him. This test is conducted under state department of accountancy
  3. If candidates possess the CPA certificate issued by some other state, then they should appear and clear an ethics examination
  4. Candidates are also required to have minimum number of years of experience in executing any public accounting project.

Other requirements to obtain a CPA certificate:

Other requirements to possess the CPA certificate include the following:

  • No criminal background
  • Minimum passing marks to be obtained in the CPA certificate exam
  • Documents of completion of high school and secondary school
  • Minimum credit points of 150-200 depending on the college and the Board
  • Experience certificate and relieving certificate from the previous employer
  • An additional certificate showing the candidate has obtained at least minimum
  • passing marks in professional code of conduct
  • Identity proof and residence proof of the candidate

Further credentials to obtain CPA Certificate:

  1. Candidates should further apply for certified Public Accountant in the state where he is deciding to obtain the CPA certificate.

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