Construction Certificate Requirements

With infrastructure developing my multiple proportions each other, the demand for professionals in the construction field and the courses related to construction certification is increasing by each day. Below given are the various requirements in order to possess a construction certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all construction certificate applicants:

  • Candidates should have an educational background in construction like bachelor degree in civil or mechanical engineering
  • Candidates can also opt for higher level education in operations as specialisation
  • Candidates can do apprenticeship from any leading company in any of the construction professionals under good guidance

Construction Certificate course and examination details:

Mode: Written / Computerized

Type of questions: Questions with multiple choices, Short answer questions, Viva voce

Topics covered:

Quality Management

Civil Engineering

CAD and CAM design techniques

Planning and scheduling

Designing and architecture

Other requirements in order to obtain a construction certificate:

  1. Candidates should know how to construct roadways, railways and waterways with latest technology and processes
  2. Most of the latest buildings are constructed which are earthquake-resistant. Hence candidates need to know the latest developments in the field of infrastructure and construction
  3. Candidates should be aware of the tools that are used to handle the construction activities
  4. Candidates should be good in subjects like mathematics, statistics
  5. Candidates should be aware of the multi-dimensional factors that are considered in construction like cost management, project planning, project scheduling, execution, timely delivery, design making, etc.
  6. Candidates who have good leadership and management abilities would get an edge over the others

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