Compliance Certificate Requirements

Compliance certificate requirements list out the details of a company whose paid up capital lies between 1 million and 10 million. Especially for companies that have not employed a company secretary are necessarily required to file the compliance certificate requirements. The compliance certificate requirements document is used to portray that the company abides by all the federal rules and complies with all provisions of the Companies Act. Below given are the details regarding the compliance certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Compliance certificate applicants:

  1. Any company can also voluntarily file for the compliance certificate requirements even if there is a full time company secretary.
  2. The compliance certificate requirement document is applied for evaluation and issuance of the compliance certificate by the Company Secretary.
  3. The compliance certificate requirements is guided by whether the company secretary is a part of the company with effect between the dates when the company is supposed to file for the compliance certificate.

Compliance Certificate Course Details:

The compliance certificate should be filed in cases when there is no full time company secretary. The companies where the paid up capital is less than the threshld limit of 1 million need not file for the compliance certificate. Companies are required to get a full time company secretary if their paid up capital is about 50 million.

Other requirements to obtain a Compliance certificate:

  1. The compliance certificate requirements are guided by the Companies Act, 1956 amended in 2009.
  2. The compliance certificate requirements are applicable for Indian companies.
  3. The compliance certificate applies to companies with effect from 15th March, 2009.
  4. The company secretary that is being appointed should possess the necessary qualification and have membership of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Exemption from obtaining Compliance Certificate:

  1. Companies that have hired a full time company secretary as per the above mentioned clauses are not required to file for the compliance certificate as per rule 3 of the Companies Act.

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