Commercial Pilot Certificate Requirements

Any person who wishes to be a commercial pilot needs to have a license or commercial pilot certificate issues by a registered flying school or institute. Commercial pilots are those pilots who are responsible for the command of a single pilot aircraft or the command of an aircraft as a co pilot. These pilots are paid for the work they do and hence are termed as commercial pilots. There are a set of qualifications, skills and qualifications which are required for a person to become a commercial pilot or apply for the position of a commercial pilot with an airline. Without passing these qualification criteria, one cannot be a licensed commercial pilot and have the privileges enjoyed by commercial pilots.

The following are the requirements which a person needs to obtain a commercial pilot certificate:

  • One must have the ability to read, speak and write the English language.
  • He/she must also hold a private pilot license in order to apply for commercial pilot license.
  • He/she must have the required training from a recognised flying school and must have cleared the relevant written examination or practical test.
  • Any person who wishes to apply for commercial pilot certificate must also have a second class medical certification as well.
  • He/she is also required to give an oral and practical flight test to the examiner.
  • He/she is also required to complete a solo cross country flight of 300 nm in the least with only two full stop landings.

These requirements might vary from country to country.

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