Commercial Certificate Requirements

The commercial certificate is generally used for candidates in the aviation sector who are getting trained to become a flight instructor. The commercial pilots are very closely matched in their job requirements to the private pilots but the training and certificate requirements of a commercial certificate are more stringent in nature. There are even more additional tests that one needs to go through to obtain a commercial pilot certificate. Below given are the various commercial certificate requirements.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All Commercial Certificate Applicants:

  • Candidates who are applying for the commercial certificate should display their skills in quasi-aerobatic manoeuvres
  • Candidates should possess a definite minimum amount of mandatory experience in private flying
  • Candidates should have a flying experience of at least 250 hours with an IFR rating

Other Requirements To Obtain The Commercial Certificate:

  • There is no requirement of attending a ground school to obtain the commercial pilot certificate
  • But during the course of obtaining the commercial certificate, candidates are required to learn from the provided books and course materials
  • It would be preferable if candidates can obtain an instructor’s endorsement to function commercial air flights which needs 5-7 hours of training time under the instructor. This can also reduce the amount of time needed to get the commercial pilot certificate
  • Candidates should be able to get termed as safe and capable pilots
  • Expert candidates would be able to handle the ability to deal with exigencies with dexterity and keeping the interests of all passengers in mind.

Certification Interview Questions

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