Certification Requirement for Pediatrician


The entire student who wants to become a pediatrician is required to take some pre med courses like nursing or biology in some l schools and universities offering such courses. Most of the premedical courses are bachelor’s degree with extensive and sophisticated teaching system for preparation of the students in internship and residence in their chosen hospitals. After completing the premed courses, they are required to take an entrance exam to the medical schools they want to inquire in. After passing the entrance exam they will take a 4 year course depending on specialty of medicine they will take.

Internship and residency

Subsequent to finishing the medical school they take, the students will undergo internship from the hospital they have chosen for about a year and completing some cases required to them depending on specialty they have chosen. After completing the required years and cases of internship, they are now required to take residency which is about some year to go through which somehow they are paid in their service which is somehow low compared to a professional pediatrician

Licensing and certification

After completing the required years of residency and with good record at the hospital in which they work, the pediatrician are now must take the licensure examination to be a fully licensed and a professional pediatrician.  Following to that, when passing the examination, they must make an oath taking for pediatrician and receives a certificate and license to practice pediatirician in the hospital they want to work to.

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