Carnival Birth Certificate Requirements

Carnival Birth certificate requirements are the necessities that are needed to be produced while taking the Carnival cruise. The following are the details on Carnival Birth Certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Carnival Birth certificate applicants:

The following are some of the minimum criteria that are to be met by all the Carnival Birth certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates need to possess a valid passport. For kids, only a birth certificate would suffice.
  2. For candidates who do not have a passport, they can just product an equivalent identification proof
  3. If candidates can have a valid passport, they can come back through ship, air or land as candidates not having a passport will only be allowed to board a ship without a passport.
  4. If the ship is a closed-loop cruise, then sometimes not carrying a passport is still allowed as there are no stop gap checks in between the travel in the Carnival cruise. This is only true to US citizens though.
  5. If the candidates have to disembark from the ship or get late for the scheduled cruise, then it is better to possess the passport so that they can come back to their originating location without any hassle.

Other requirements to obtain a Carnival Birth certificate:

  1. Even if getting a passport is costly and time consuming, it is recommended that candidates who would like to take the Carnival cruise should apply for the carnival birth certificate and get a passport done.
  2. For passengers that will spend less than one day in the Carribean and have come through the Carnival cruise need to show the passport.
  3. In emergency situations, if candidates are boarding the Carnival cruise without any passport, they can apply to the US Embassy at the Carribean and get a valid passport.
  4. If the originating and destination port belongs to US, candidates need to carry just a photo ID proof and the birth certificate.

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