CA Post Certificate Requirements

Candidates who would like to pursue the job of a Chartered Accountant must preferably take the CA Post Certificate. This would build a strong basis of understanding and analysing the courses in chartered accountancy and hence will give the candidate an edge over the others. Below given is some of the CA Post Certificate requirements expected from candidates applying for the same:

Minimum criteria to be met by all CA Post Certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates need to complete their Bachelor degree courses in preferable subjects like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management in finance specialisation, etc.
  2. It would be advisable if candidates can also complete their higher studies by pursuing post graduation degree from recognised universities in subjects like finance, business management, among others.
  3. Candidates need to possess an excellent academic degree which includes passing of CA examination conducted worldwide with good grades.

CA Post Certificate Details:

Candidates who are willing to obtain the CA Post Certificate should prepare well for the CA Post Certificate examination and appear for the same with good marks. Some of the subjects that will be helpful in the CA Post Certificate examination are Risk analysis, Investment planning, Income Tax, etc.

Other requirements:

  1. Candidates need to have a blend of understanding of the topics taught in classroom teaching and must also know how to apply them in real work situations.
  2. Candidates are expected to have exceptional reasoning abilities and can think beyond the obvious.
  3. Candidates who have a work experience of working in the field of accounting or finance would definitely find it more advantageous to display their expertise in the field of chartered accountancy.
  4. Candidates should know not just the local rules that apply in the financial sector but they should also know international financial policies and their correlation with the domestic policies.

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