CA Post Certificate Requirements

CA Post certificate requirements are very much essential for candidates who are interested to become CA (Chartered Accountants). Apart from the basic courses that are taught to prepare students to function as prospective chartered accountants, CA Post courses will lend crucial practical knowledge of the subjects in CA. The following are some of the general CA Post certificate requirements which interested candidates would find very useful.

Minimum criteria to be met by all CA Post certificate applicants:

  1. The minimum criteria in order to obtain the CA Post certificate is to complete the diploma or graduation in finance and/or accounting
  2. Candidates can take up suitable courses for the same like Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance management, Bachelor of Commerce and finance, etc.
  3. After that candidates should preferably take up Masters in finance or Accounts and gain in-depth knowledge in the same.
  4. There are national and international level Chartered Accountancy courses and examinations that students can take up and complete with good grades.

CA Post Certificate Course Details:

As expert chartered accountants, candidates should be able to understand various subjects of finance like:

  1. Stock analysis
  2. International Financial Management
  3. Financial markets
  4. Tax
  5. Insurance
  6. Security analysis and Portfolio Management, etc.

Other requirements to obtain aCA Post certificate:

  1. Apart from classroom teaching, candidates should get involved in live projects that can give them valuable hands-on experience in the finance and accounting subjects
  2. In the CA examination, candidates would be tested on not just the concepts, but also their application and their impacts
  3. Candidates should show excellent analytical abilities in order to obtain the CA Post certificate
  4. Candidates should keep an eye on all the national and international current affairs that are happening in the world of finance and accountancy. There are institutions that bring out new rules that are to be abided by nations. A deeper understanding on the same would be very helpful.

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