Boat Safety Certificate Requirements

A boat safety certificate can be obtained in many ways. It is a very important document and you must carry it on your person especially if you are plying your trade on public waterways.

The boat safety certification process involves completing a course on boat safety which is rounded off with the written and practical examination.

The document is very valuable and has to be preserved carefully.

How to Obtain a Boat Safety Certificate?

  • This certificate is required by anyone who has been born after January 1st 1988 and is operating a boat on public waterway. Such an individual will have to carry a certificate of boat safety always, by law.
  • The certificate obtained has to be approved by the US Coast Guard and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.
  • As part of testing, the individual wishing to obtain certificate of boat safety will have to demonstrate his or her skills. He also has to ensure that his boat carries one personal floatation device for each person on the boat. This law is applicable for jet skis and water canoes and all other kinds of kayaks as well. However it is best to check with the local boating laws of a place.
  • In order to get hold of the license, you have to complete a state approved boating course depending on the state in which you wish to use the boat. Schools offer this course but you have to make sure that your school is approved by the police and boat safety authorities of the state.
  • Te state‚Äôs motor vehicle commission has to be approached next for the licensing of your vehicle. However this is facilitated by the Boat Safety Certificate which you will be offered by the school after you pass the written test as well as the practical test. The practical test will grill you on steps to take in case of capsizing of the boat, in case an individual on the boat falls sick, in case of turbulent weather and other hypothetical eventualities. This is the most important part of the boat safety certification process and has to be approached with calm confidence. Once this is cleared it is very easy to obtain the certificate.
  • The certificate has to be renewed periodically. This is dependent on the individual state in which you have applied for the boat safety certification.

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