BC Teachers Certificate Requirements

The BC Teachers certificate requirements are applicable for aspirants who are eyeing for a position as a teacher in British Columbia. The following certificate requirements mentioned would give an in-depth view to the students on the eligibility and scope of teaching in various public schools and assisted school districts. The following certifications are also helpful in determining the compensation of the BC Teachers certification applicants. Read on to know more about the BC Teachers certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all BC Teachers certificate applicants:

There are certain minimum requirements that need to be obtained in order to qualify for the BC Teachers certification. They are as below:

  1. In order to choose talented and skills teaching professionals, the requirements for becoming a teacher in British Columbia are:

a)      Candidates need to apply for the BC teaching position and pay the necessary application fees.

b)      Meet all the necessary teaching education and work experience requirements

c)      Undertake and pass the criminal background check to ensure that there has been no history of cases of affidavits filed in the court of law against the candidate.

Other requirements to obtain a BC Teachers certificate:

  1. Interested candidates need to show their certification of having possessed a license from the Ministry of Education. This establishes the credentials of the candidates and they will be able to find jobs in British Columbia even if they have undergone their education and teacher training elsewhere.
  2. Candidates would need to possess a compulsory teaching certificate issued by the BC College of teachers if they would want to pursue a career in BC.
  3. Candidates should also apply for the Teacher Qualification Service examination that ascertains the credentials and skills of the applicants. The TQS completion gives an opportunity to the teachers to teach in schools and colleges in BC in various states and districts.

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