Athletic Trainer Certificate Requirements

Athletic trainer certificate requirements provide broad details about the prerequisites for candidates who would like to become athletic personal trainers. The following are the requirements to be met by candidates who are aspiring to take up the athletic trainer certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Athletic Trainer certificate applicants:

The following are some of the minimum mandatory requirements that must be met by athletic trainer certificate applicants:

a)      Candidates are not required to complete any specialised diploma course in order to apply and obtain the athletic trainer certificate.

b)      Employers would expect candidates to at least complete their bachelor’s degree in athletic training.

c)      Candidates should then take up the athletic trainer certificate from an institute that is accredited by the Board of Athletic certification.

d)     At the end of the course only those candidates that will display skills in athletic training would be given a go ahead to start working as an athletic trainer certificate after completing the mandatory examination.

e)      Candidates should also have additional practical knowledge and application in the area of injury prevention, risk mitigation, athletic diet and nutrition, etc.

Other requirements to obtain an Athletic Trainer certificate:

  1. Candidates should not just comply with the above given requirements, they should also have proven interest in the field of athletic training.
  2. Candidates who would like to get into the field of athletic training can expect strong competition from their peers and therefore would have to strengthen their candidate through additional trainings, work experience or certification.
  3. Candidates would have to be competitive in order to enrol for the athletic trainer certificate course.
  4. Candidates would be expected to complete all their education and also pass the coursework examination with good grades.
  5. There is often a requirement to prepare and write an essay on why a candidate has chosen the career of an athletic trainer and his interest in the form of proof of participation.

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