Animal Health Certificate Requirements

A certificate which gives details and information about the health of an animal is called as an animal health certificate. These certificates are given to those animal owners or pet owners whose respective pets clear a certain health check up and score a satisfactory mark level. Animal health certificates are proofs of the fact that the animal is medically tested and has been declared healthy. Many such certificates are required during pet shows, animal competitions or during the time when the pet owners wish to take their pets onboard in airplanes/trains/ships with them. Thus any such document is really important if you have an animal.

The following are the requirements that the animals need to fulfil in order to be certified with a health certificate.

  • The animal should have a unique identifier or permanent identifier.
  • In case of large animals or livestock, one also needs to have a proof of the premises of the animal/animals.
  • The animal should be healthy and free from any parasites or infections.
  • The animal should be given proper vaccinations and there must be a proof of the given vaccinations from a recognised vet.
  • A rabies shot must be given atleast 30 days before the travelling. Some countries also require the pet to have been given a booster shot in addition to the one year and three year vaccine.
  • The vet owner must also sign a document stating the names of vaccines given, manufacturer details and the batch number of the vaccines if possible.

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