ADFS Certificate Requirements

An ADFS certificate requirement is applicable for the web enabled servers. ADFS stands for Active Directory Federation Services. The ADFS certificate requires a secure sockets layer to be authenticated which helps in connecting to the clients on the web. It is suggested to opt for public certification in SSL. The following are the details regarding ADFS certificate requirements which can be essential for web enabled servers:

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All ADFS Certificate Web Servers:

  • If you are going ahead to install ADFS on a web based server using a SSO login, then either a public or corporate certification authority is required to obtain the ADFS certificate.
  • There is no need to additional certifications if you are going ahead with additional ADFS components. These additional components can use the same sign in of the original ADF component.
  • Candidates can apply for the ADFS certificate through Microsoft Management Console

Other Requirements To Obtain The ADFS Certificate:

  • The ADFS certificate can be obtained by following any of the below given procedures:
  1. By sharing the same certification: You should export the private key of the original component and deploy that in all of the other additional ADFS certificates
  1. By obtaining the original personal certification: This is required when you want to opt for different ADFS certificate for each of the component. In such cases, you need to obtain the separate certification for each of the component. And you must ensure that the subject names of each of the individual server must match with the original authentication certificate.

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