ACCA Certificate Requirements

The ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) certificate requirements are most useful for candidates who are aiming to lay a strong foundation in the career option of a Chartered Accountant. Candidates who wish to obtain the ACCA Certificate need to undertake all the examinations designed for the same to get recognition internationally and to make it valid in other countries. Below given are the ACCA Certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all ACCA certificate applicants:

  1. In order to obtain the ACCA certification, candidates should at least complete their secondary education from any of the recognised institutes
  2. Candidates should also satisfy the age limit of being at least 18 years of age while applying for the ACCA Certificate.
  3. Candidates who are applying for the ACCA Certificate need to show a lot of commitment and perseverance as this is almost equivalent to a top class full term university course.

ACCA Certificate Course Details:

The ACCA Certificate examination is a series of 9 exams of fundamental courses, 3 in specialised courses and 2 in optional courses. Candidates must get a minimum of 50% marks which is considered as the pass percentage.

Candidates who have completed their graduation in finance or accounting may be given exemption from taking all the papers. The maximum numbers of exams that can be written at a time are 4.

Other requirements to obtain an ACCA certificate:

  1. Candidates should have good knowledge in English language, however no test is taken to establish or showcase the same.
  2. Candidates should also have practical exposure in order to strengthen their candidature.

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